Dr. Nancie M. Barwick

Tools for Improvement and Discovery







Why are HypnoBirthing(R) births often so quick?


When the mother's body is fully relaxed, her uterine muscle can function as nature intended.


How does EFT reduce the charge of an emotion?


By completing an electrical circuit within the body while focusing the mind on an emotion, the charge of that specific emotion is permanently reduced or eliminated.


What is "stuff" and why should you "unstuff" yourself?


"Stuff" is the emotional baggage we all carry to some extent. It can cause physical, mental and emotional illness, disease and discomfort.


Why does hypnotherapy work so well with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other health issues?


The body is a robot under the control of the unconscious mind. Where the mind leads the body will follow. Improved functioning is often the result.


What does it mean to go Beyond Disability?


Beyond Disability is that place where physical ability is meaningless and the individual is free to be who they are, regardless of perceived disability.


What do participants learn in a Conklin Method Healing Within workshop?


They learn how their words affect their own body, the difference between judgment and discretion and much more. Participants increase their own intuition and learn to use and trust it.


Who would benefit from a Conklin Method Cellular Cleansing?


Anyone can benefit. The people who seem to gain the most are those who experience physical or other conditions and are ready to release the emotional blockages that create those conditions.