Dr. Nancie M. Barwick

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Hypnosis Services


Dr. Nancie is a qualified, caring hypnotherapist who has been in practice since 1995.  She is dedicated to empowering her clients to resolve issues and live happier, healthier lives.  Her areas of specialization in hypnotherapy include:


* Smoking Cessation

* Weight Management

* Stress

* Irritable Bowel Syndrome

* Fibromyalgia

* Self-Esteem Issues

* Adult Survivors of Abuse

* Personal Issues

* Adolescent Hypnotherapy

* Children’s Issues

* Personal Issues

* Issues of Disability

And much more...


HypnoBirthing(R)--The Mongan Method

(Affiliated with The Hypnobirthing Institute)


HypnoBirthing(R) is a method of childbirth education that offers  easier, more comfortable birthing in the way that most mirrors nature.  Dr. Nancie has worked with over 1,000 families since becoming a Certified HypnoBirthing(R) Practitioner in 1997.  She teaches the original, internationally recognized Mongan method as developed by Marie Mongan.  This program is taught in five sessions of about two and a half hours each.  Each family receives the acclaimed “HypnoBirthing Book” and recorded sessions designed to assist in both the learning process and during birthing, as well as other materials and handouts.  Dr. Nancie schedules the sessions according to the needs of the families in each class.  Classes are open to mothers, their partners, and other support people upon request.


Conklin Method Cellular Cleansing


The Conklin Method of Cellular Cleansing was devised by medical intuitive Patti Conklin.  It is a simple, powerful, effective technique that allows the individual to release the energetic residue of emotions which may be causing physical and emotional issues for that person.  During the several-hour process, 50% or more of these emotions are cleared.  This allows the individual to heal significantly in a short time.  Follow-up appointments (usually by phone) and self-care “homework” provide for more complete healing.  Dr. Nancie, who healed herself from a documented diagnosis of mitochondrial myopathy muscular dystrophy, is a Certified Associate of Patti Conklin and has been doing this work since 2003.


Emotional Freedom Technique


The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple yet effective technique to release emotions which are adversely affecting a person in any area of life.  Tapping in a specific pattern on points on the body short-circuits the emotion so the individual no longer feels the debilitating effects of the emotional charge.  Dr. Nancie uses this technique and teaches it to individuals so they can use it independently for their own self-work.


Services to Dancers and other Performers and Competitors


Dr. Nancie, who is a competitive ballroom dancer herself, is available to work with studios, dance groups, theatre groups, etc.  She will work with the group as a whole and meet with individuals as needed or desired.  After working with Dr. Nancie, performers and competitors have felt more able to learn complicated routines, new steps, remember lines, and experience less stage-fright or anxiety.